I wanna hang out tonight WHY is my car still broken???? My mechanic keeps telling me he’s coming and then doesnt

I haven’t posted my drawings in awhile here’s some doodles from last night while I was watching nip tuck

r u fucking kidding me first scene in house of cards is a dog dying thanks but no thanks netflix

the fist time i wanna draw in forever happens to be when i have actual responsibilities to take care of

im freezing? This is a strange turn of events considering my location and the season. 


Resonance" by HOME-

Im okay today! I feel happy!


He got closer to me

the finishing touch here is really the nipple as the eye of the smily face though. true art. okay im going to sleep i might work tomorrow goodnight!!! lets make plans soon il get jess in on it too.

my dash is almost exclusively people i went to highschool w right now 

haha we dont have to wake up tomorrow morning for school 




Just doing me

your hair looks so short!!!

Darn that pic was my pride and joy

you looked so majestic in it its a shame




Here’s more for the photo albums

I put zayn in a not so appropriate place

i feel like i should add mine and jessicas photos of 1D temporary tattoos to this.


Artist Arthur Tress immortalizes children’s nightmares in photographs

  1. sadstronaut said: didnt we like. watch an episode of a show on your ipod how did we even see the screen

oh my god we did didnt we. i could fit like 20 of those ipod screens in my phone now


we got so much hotter after this its incredible

I cant BELIEVE us