people who play animal crossing should hmi because its be cool to be able to go to other towns. 

I got a 3ds!!! Add me 0533-6654-0151

in 1 class my teacher keeps giving me extra credit for no reason but in the other the teacher took off points for a minor layout issue on the very first assignment like… okay dude whatever

its a shimmery black one w gold buttons and imma cry if they dont have it anymore when I get money

yeah so if I have enough money this week imma buy a refurbished 3ds because the new one doesnt come out till next year and i dont wanna wait that long. 


Where’s my Smash 4 DLC with these as costumes.

Im @ a point where I don’t care about anything but dogs and silent YouTube videos where people make tiny food

I should be asleep but look at this puppy I held today


I am v happy because I love this sweater and I feel kinda cute ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

its perfect


[ Barkley the Pom ]


Here are some adorable dogs holding flowers. Have a great day everyone


Daft Punk has released a retro 1970s themed collection of magazine ads for their new line of merchandise - available for purchase