Title: Riptide
Artist: Vance Joy
Played: 204 times

I have some news for you google chrome alerts  

No. You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. I’ll do the dirty work for you.

I dont think either of us killing anyone will get me my financial aid faster though haha. seriously though did where you work have the same issue? are people calling mad about it? 

Im! Going! To! Kill someone!

Julian Hough is so pretty!!! I’m so excited!

So the sky is p cool tonight

Dancing with the stars In ONE HOUR get ready folks

Switched out the art in my bathroom :)


We’re blushing at the @Burberry boys in shades of berries and brown, topped off with a hot raspberry pink hat . #LFW #SS15 

I’m genuinely excited and happy about life today so that’s good I guess!

Dwts is on tonight it’ll never be as good as last season w meryl and maks but I’m still super excited

!!! My home manager told me about this catalogue and I’ve been so excited to get it omg


my old photos!

captaintacosfunhouse I wanna watch the Spanish version but I don’t know Spanish haha

captaintacosfunhouse I dunno actually. Maybe because of all the dead people haha